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Elric Kaiser

Capturing moments with ease.

Focused on events, cosplay, and urban photography, but are flexible on other topics.

Latest from the Blog

Ennichisai 2019 – Little Tokyo Blok M Jakarta

Little Tokyo Blok M Jakarta, Ennichisai is an annual Japanese culture festival celebrated on the summer on yearly basis at Blok M, Jakarta. Celebrating the 10th anniversary, Ennichisai 2019 brings a new theme of Unity among the people of Indonesia and Japan. Photographs by Elric Kaiser.All rights reserved.

Jak Japan Matsuri 2018 – Gelora Bung Karno

Jak Japan Matsuri, or usually called JJM, is an annual Japanese cultural event supported by the Japanese Government. It’s mission is to promote Japanese culture overseas and further improving the relations between respective countries. Jak Japan Matsuri 2018 was celebrated on the summer at Gelora Bung Karno, Jakarta. Photographs by Elric Kaiser.All rights reserved.

Juuichi Bunkasai 2017 – SMA Negeri 11 Kota Bekasi

Juuichi Bunkasai 2017 or Juuisai 2017 is a multicultural event, primarily on Japanese culture but also with English competitions as a sub-event. Held by 3 extracurricular (ELEC – Eleven English Club, Kazoku Japanese Club, KRITIK), the event was held at SMA Negeri 11 Kota Bekasi for one day. Bringing some guest stars such as IND48…

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